Essential Tips When Designing Your New Kitchen

White Kitchen, Wooden Splashback

Your kitchen will be one of the busiest places in the house.

Activity starts in the kitchen first thing in the morning right up until last thing at night.  For this reason, everything in the kitchen must be organised. Moreover, the kitchen needs to have a cheerful ambiance and aesthetic appeal. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you should take care when designing it, so that it works in a way that caters to all your kitchen needs and is enjoyable to be in.

Here are some essential tips you should keep in mind when designing your new kitchen:

Think Of The Space

When you’re designing your kitchen, you have to think of the function of the space first. How will you be using the space? Your ideal kitchen shape or layout will depend on these needs.

There are a few technical principles to follow when designing your kitchen, though. For example, the sink, fridge, and stove must form a triangle. There should be no more than 6 feet between each of these appliances for easy access and movement. A kitchen designer can help you design a new kitchen that conforms to such technical considerations.

Maximise Storage Space

Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Draws

A kitchen will need a lot of storage space, which should be able to fit small and large items. Maximise wall space and every nook and cranny for efficient storage. Use the space up to the ceilings to add additional cabinet space.

Have larger drawers than most kitchens so that you can store large items. For your kitchen cabinet doors, you can opt for glass-paned doors so you can easily see what’s inside and give your kitchen a fresh and open feel.

Fill The Kitchen With Lights

Don’t scrimp on lighting when you’re designing your new kitchen. It’s a good idea to place the lights in different areas within the kitchen because, unlike other rooms, overhead lighting is not going to be sufficient, as it will cast shadows on certain areas of the kitchen.

A kitchen is a workspace, so you have to see all the details of your food preparation and cooking tasks. You need direct lighting, such as under-cabinet lighting to light your cooker tops and worktops.

Fill The Kitchen With Strategically Placed Power Sources

Kitchen Kettle Plug Socket

Your kitchen appliances are not just limited to your fridge and gas stove. You would probably have a gazillion mini tools and medium-sized tools that all need to be powered up to be usable.

In this case, you have to be strategic and generous with installing power outlets in your kitchen so you can use multiple gadgets if necessary. Many homeowners realise too late that they haven’t installed enough electric lines, and this takes away the functionality of their kitchen.

Have Enough Counter Space

Kitchens can easily become too busy and thus easily become too cramped. There is no such thing as too much counter space. If you have a big family or if you’ll be hosting parties, a small counter space might not be enough to accommodate all the food items and kitchen tools you need.

Again, consider how you will be using your kitchen. From there, you can decide the right space for you.

Moreover, consider the pros and cons of each type of material you can use to build your counter. Steel counters easily get scrapes and nicks and can’t be repaired. Meanwhile, ceramic tiles will have grout that can attract dirt and grime, requiring you to clean your counter regularly.

Avoid Reusing Old Appliances

If you’re going for a kitchen remodel that will modernise your kitchen, the old appliances are the first thing that should go. Keeping your old appliances may seem like a way to save money, but this might not be the case. Think of the high electricity bills that these old appliances might cost you.

Instead, consider getting new and more energy-efficient appliances. With the right new appliances, you can save energy and do your part in taking care of the environment. Though don’t just throw away your old appliances as someone else may need them or they can be recycled.

Plan For Rubbish Disposal

Kitchen Recycling Storage

You should plan on how you will be disposing of your kitchen waste. Do you plan on recycling and segregating your garbage? Prepare the bins you’ll need and plan where to place these items.

Do you want to make sure your kitchen looks neat and aesthetically pleasing at all times? Allot a discreet area for your garbage bins so they won’t be intrusive or in the way of your daily kitchen activities.

Final Thoughts

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home because it’s a busy place with lots of daily activities. A lot of things happen in the kitchen, including building memories. It’s a place where you can bond with your kids, as you prepare food together—also making the kitchen a place where your kids can start to learn and enjoy household chores. Make your kitchen cheerful and functional so you can do your chores in comfort and have a well-planned kitchen, so it will be appreciated by you and your family.