Bathroom Ideas For 2019

Bathroom Ideas For 2019

Every new year brings fresh interior design ideas, and bathroom ideas are more experimental this 2019.

From simple-designed bathrooms, wet rooms to sophisticated or luxurious bathrooms, you can bring out the best in your bathroom by implementing creative ideas and taking advantage of your decorating skills.

If you want a totally new look in your bathroom, you can try the interior designing tips below:

Aesthetic Priority: Beautiful Console Sink Vanities

While console sink vanities aren’t really practical for your main bathroom, they are beautiful additions. If you prioritise aesthetics above anything else, this trendy vanity is perfect. It has a leg design with beautiful details, allowing a light and open feel inside the bathroom. You can designate it as a powder vanity room, too.

This no-storage look vanity makes one of the best contemporary bathroom ideas. Some types come with a very traditional style that makes it timeless. There are many modern designs that are coming out on the market in different materials. Regardless of your style, incorporating a beautiful console sink vanity is a great idea.

Super Modern: Floating Wall-Mounted Toilets

Floating toilets have the same story to floating vanities. While floating toilets are usually installed and seen in super modern homes, this year is the perfect time to embrace modern bathroom interior designs and change the game. Give potty mouths a whole new meaning with floating wall-mounted toilets.

Because of digital technology, a lot of homeowners are becoming more interested and attracted to modern designs. Also, modern bathroom designs are getting better. With floating vanities and toilets, your bathroom will have fewer crannies and nooks to collect dust and other sources of dirt and stains.

Awesome Space-Saver: Side-Mounted Faucets

Side-mounted faucets are awesome space savers in compact or small spaces that come with narrow sinks. This type of faucet is also cool. It is a bathroom trend that will withstand the test of time.

Vanity Mirrors: From Circle to Rounded Rectangle Bathroom Mirrors

For the past few years, circle vanity mirrors reigned. However, the trend this year is rounded rectangle vanity mirrors. It has a soft and simple linear perimeter edge, striking a perfect balance between an angular, stiff rectangle and a full-on circle.

One of the biggest advantages of rounded rectangle mirrors is its great functionality. While circle mirrors tend to be over-scale, rounded rectangle mirrors work well in small or compact-sized bathrooms.

Airy Bathroom: Beautiful Floating Vanities

Bathroom Vanity

Floating vanities are beautiful options that lacked visual depth and were considered too modern in the past. A beautiful material, such as wooden ones, are airy and seamless, bringing a nice feeling in your bathroom. Also, beautiful floating vanities are easier to clean.

Open and Pretty: Seamless No-Dam Showers

You can incorporate seamless no-dam showers that can give off an open, clean and very pretty ambience. These no-dam showers are great if you have a traditional bathroom style as this look is effortlessly chic. When it comes to the construction, the shower floor should slope down in a linear drain. Doing so will keep the water away from your bathroom’s main area.

Classy Comeback: Use Marble as Art

In the past, marble bathrooms are only for the famous, powerful, and the wealthy. But not anymore. Marble bathrooms are attainable without losing their elegance and true value. Invest in marble or stone art, which is having a pretty big comeback. Marble fixtures don’t have to be massive. Try marble mirrors as “art-like,” which has a resurgence in popularity.

Custom Bathroom Look: Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Enclosure

This bathroom 2019 trend is lovable, and it feels strong. If you want seamless drama, a floor-to-ceiling bathroom glass enclosure is the best. It looks custom and beautiful but is also a slam-dunk. The floor-to-ceiling look is composed of a one-glass panel wall. With this design, your bathroom looks visually seamless, tall, and super custom.

Splash About: Contemporary Wet Room Bathroom Design

Wet Room

Wet rooms are trendy in 2019. A typical wet room includes a sloped floor design to get rid of water and help prevent mould and mildew build-up. The walls are sealed with a waterproof membrane of some sort, making the bathroom waterproof. No worries about splashes and spills because a wet room bathroom allows you to wet everything or get wet in any area.


The best bathroom ideas this year are adventurous and modern. You might consider trying a wet room design with a floor-to-ceiling glass panel, separating the toilet and the shower area. Or you can stick to a traditional bathroom design with a touch of modern fixtures, like a floating vanity and floating toilet. Don’t hesitate to explore your options by applying the bathroom ideas and tips mentioned above.