8 Interior Design Trends We Have No More Love For In 2019

Grey Bathroom

Do you remember that one episode of Friends where Phoebe doesn’t like Pottery Barn? Of course you do!

Her reasoning is that they make mass-produced furniture which everyone buys in bulk, so they all end up having the same things. Surely and funnily enough, Rachel and Ross buy the exact same pieces. Well, the same goes for interior design trends.

You see them on Pinterest or Instagram, they look absolutely amazing, and so you decide to apply them to your own living room, kitchen, and bedroom. But the problem is, so do a few other million people. Therefore, what started as a cute and cool trend ends up as a home décor idea that you can see in every house you walk into.

Here are 10 interior design trends we have no more love for in 2019!

A gallery in your living room

Picture Frames

This trend is also known as a gallery wall and yes, it needs to stay behind in 2018. The simple reason is that everyone has been doing it way too much. And not in a good or elegant way. The trend started out with the idea of piecing together a set of images that, cohesively, make up a set or an aesthetic that could bring something to the room.

However, according to interior designers, it soon got transformed into most people hanging myriads of family photos using plastic frames from Ikea. In their opinion, a wall full of these will never make a statement. Instead, the images will get lost in a sea of undistinguished colours and visual noise.

What you can do instead is go for one, single piece of art that really sends a message. The trend in 2019 has been represented by watercolours and charcoal sketches.

The boho look

We know, as soon as people start talking about this, there will be a sea of voices rising against it. But the reality is the boho aesthetic is incredibly played out. Especially when it comes to interior design trends.

A few examples that are contained within this look are gigantic succulents that are almost always fake, macramé hangings on the wall, and, of course, Moroccan lanterns. According to interior designers, not long after buying these items most people end up giving them away or selling them online.

As far as interior design trends go, let this one rest. Instead, if you really, really love this look, buy one or two authentic ethnic pieces. Use them as the centre of your room and allow them to bring cultural value to your house.

The industrial kitchen

If you are not the ‘proud’ owner of an industrial kitchen then you definitely have a friend who went for this interior design trend. Here’s an interesting fact. Most interior designers don’t quite understand why people took so much to industrial kitchens in the first place.

Cage lighting, as well as exposed beams or pipes, look cool in a bar or contemporary restaurant. However, they don’t exactly translate into a cosy, homely, kitchen you would like to cook Sunday dinner in. Even so, countless people went for what they call ‘industrial chic.’ They used this trend for their main kitchens or the summer kitchens they organized in their garden rooms.

As an alternative, interior designers are now advising us to swap these unwelcoming places with dark wood and matte metallics as well as lush shades of deep green and aqua blue.

Inspirational quotes

Keep Calm And Carry On Shopping

Let’s put it like this. For every inspirational quote on the internet, there’s a meme making fun of it. Does that convince you these interior design trends have no room in 2019? Pun intended.

The most famous one of all is, probably, the eternal Live, Laugh, Love. Which simply needs not to be hung anywhere anymore. It started out as cute but now it’s just cheesy. Other notable examples include Keep Calm And Carry On, and every other variation of it, Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. And try not to run into a wall. This has to be one of the biggest interior design trends we have no more love for.

Everything coloured grey

Everyone has been concentrating on the colour grey for a few years now and interior designers are starting to hate it. They state that everything is coloured grey from napkins to couches. Apart from that, the palette in itself is very cold and neutral.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t use neutral colours anymore. Just try to stay away from grey for a while. And definitely, don’t let it be the only colour you use when decorating. This trend is out!

Upcycled and DIY… Everything

This is going to be a tough one because DIY has been huge for such a long time. People are borderline obsessed with the aesthetic of DIY and upcycled furniture as well as simple objects around the house. They also love to take pride in the fact that they made the pieces or decorations themselves.

There’s also another issue at hand. Upcycled furniture and DIY projects are usually very cheap. They might take a long time and hours spent learning how to do it, but nothing can beat a next to nothing price.

So what’s the problem with these interior design trends? Specialists say that most of the times they look exactly as advertised. Cheap, homemade by a person who didn’t know what they were doing, and serves no purpose at all.

For example, you have an old wooden ladder that you painted yourself and now proudly displayed in your living room. Why? It’s scratched, missing a few pieces, and the paint job was patchy. It’s time to say goodbye to this trend!

No more mason jars

mason jars

This interior design trend comes in close connection to the one above. And it has to stop. It so seems that since the mason jar trend started a few years ago, normal cups, glasses, and bottles have vanished off the face of the earth! Every cool and hipster homeowner now serves you lemonade, coffee, and even alcohol in a mason jar!

However, interior designers warn that the trend has gone too far and that it’s too country to be used in every situation. Mason jars should only be used for storage not for serving coffee or worse, wine!

Wall decals

What is the one interior design trend absolutely everyone has tried in the last few years at least once? The unanimous answer has to be wall decals!  Whether it’s Marilyn Monroe’s face reminding you to feel pretty or a tribal 90s tattoo or a set of trees randomly floating behind your couch, wall decals are inspirational quotes’ ugly little cousin.

However, if you want to use them because they are so inexpensive and easy to get, try decorating your child’s room with them! They can be fun and easy to peel off when the kids grow up!

What about you? Will you be honest and tell us in the comment section below which of these interior design trends you have in your own home? We can’t wait to hear!