5 Benefits Of Roller Blinds

Grey blind partially open next to snake plant

There are several reasons why roller blinds are consistently at the top of the list when homeowners, designers and businesses select the most delightful and practical window dressings for their needs.

Below, you’ll find five reasons why the love affair with roller blinds has lasted for decades and shows no signs of faltering. 

  1. Roller blinds offer versatility and style at an affordable price. First introduced in properties in Holland in the early 18th century without the cord for operation, they evolved into a favourite design choice with the cord and spring mechanism in the 1860’s. Today, roller blinds are available in made-to-measure products and in a range of high quality materials so there is always going to be a match to what you envisage in your mind’s eye, and within your required budget. For example, Smart Blinds, based in Berkshire, offers clients over three hundred fabric options. You can choose from sheer, blackout, printed, plain and woven materials in a multitude of colours. For ultimate style enjoy the discreet cassette that houses the workings in coordinated colours with the blinds. If a sleek, modern finish is just what you want, roller blinds are exactly what you need. They work wonderfully on doors too.
  1. Practicality. This style of blind delivers an attractive space saving solution. Every bit of a room is valuable and as lovely as curtains are, they do steal space when they billow or pool on the floor. With roller blinds the fitting is in the window area and this can be invaluable when decorating bathrooms and kitchens where the window dressing and water must not meet and in office spaces where desks might sit by a window and the colleague doesn’t want a curtain fluttering in front of them as they work. Roller blinds are easily operated and light to handle as they effectively provide privacy, shade and help to manage temperatures within a space.
  1. Technology has enhanced the way that blinds operate so if you relish the thought of controlling your blinds simultaneously or from the comfort of your sofa, even your car as you commute home from work, the new range of automated, also known as motorised, blinds represents an ideal option. You still have a plethora of style choices so you’ll get what you desire but with this option you have a greater level of convenience with control via a smart technology app, a remote, voice command or a smart home automation system that is compatible with the blinds. The biggest names in home automation are Lutron, Rako and Control4. Your blinds supplier might also have invested in their own automation system. There is an increasing demand for Google Home and Alexa controlled roller blinds which suppliers are confidently meeting. Motorised roller blinds can be powered via mains or battery power and the remarkably quiet motors are housed within the blind’s tubing. There is nothing aesthetically, operationally or financially unappealing about smart technology compatible blinds. 
  1. Roller blinds aid security measures in a property. When they are pulled down no one can see in to confidently ascertain if there is someone on site. This can foil a burglar’s plans. They won’t risk being discovered and as your blind’s position doesn’t confirm whether you’re out, a criminal moves to an easier to evaluate situation. Particularly in the shorter days, you can protect your property as it grows dark by not having full visibility through your window that signals no one is in. Remember, blinds with blackout capabilities are perfect for inhabitants but offer no information to people trying to access the property for dishonest reasons. Automated roller blinds can be simply pre-set to operate at certain times so you don’t need to be on site to move them, even though it appears that you could be. 
  1. The installation of roller blinds normally produces a reduction in energy bills by efficiently managing the amount of heat and light in a space. A bedroom with blackout blinds benefits from 99% reductions in incoming light and maintains coolness. In a lounge in which you need light for longer to complete activities and want warmth as you laze, the blinds can be rolled up to allow sunlight in at a comfortable sustained temperature. Consider your blinds as a form of insulation that makes a discernible difference to your energy expenditure. The automated blinds can be programmed to open and close via temperature and lights sensors, taking a chore out of your hands. 

Isn’t it time you investigated enchanting roller blinds solutions?