Anghysbell – Heledd Roberts

Snowdonia - Anghysbell - By Heledd Roberts

Snowdonia - Anghysbell - By Heledd Roberts

With winter setting in, the striking mountains of Snowdonia opens up its doors to new challengers and adoration.

Rightfully titled Anghysbell, Heledd Roberts has captured the magic of Snowdonia in the images above.

“Taken in the remote but magical Snowdonia, Wales, this project titled ‘Anghysbell’ (Welsh for ‘remote’) is a collaboration between myself, a fashion and portrait photographer, and Catrin Eluned Jones who is a textile pattern designer and creator of weird and wonderful headpieces. ‘Anghysbell’ is the personalisation of the Snowdonia Mountains, a place my heart calls home. From distant memories of roaming these mythical pyramids, the project conveys the striking beauty of the shapes and colours projected from them. A light, delicate but proud character presents the warmth and comfort of these spirited, embracing mountains. But the mountain is a lonely terrain, and the sense of overwhelming size and space takes over. This mountain where ancient mystery is still present in the rock. This character broods and lives deep in the history of the landscape; a troubled soul striving to grasp the light. To me, Snowdonia is the most stunning area I know, but I wanted to depict the endless rush of feelings I experience when in the company of the landscape – the wonder, the warmth, but the terror and loneliness too. Only through the fusion of fashion, figure and landscape can I express this, for words can never evoke those feelings for me.” Heledd Roberts 2013

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Image Source Behance