3 Home Lighting Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Modern contempory louge with seventies vibe. Blue corner sofa with wide screen TV and wood paneled walls

When preparing your house ready to put onto the market, the main areas you focus on is the front of the house, repairing any damages or problems, as well as adding a new coat of paint to the walls to freshen them up.

However, lighting is often overlooked despite having adequate lighting being at the top of the priorities list for many potential buyers.

Although natural lighting is the most favoured, having a well-lit home can help to improve a person’s overall mood and increase their productivity levels. Which is perfect for those who predominately work from home.

When preparing your home for visits from potential buyers, it is essential to assess the lighting in your property to ensure it is up-to-standard.

Prove The Electrics Are Fine

As you prepare your house for going on the market, check your installation condition report to check that it is up-to-date, ready to show any potential buyers that ask. Having an updated installation condition report for any of the electrics in your property will provide potential buyers peace of mind that the electrics are safe and perfectly fine.

Pink sofa and electric fire

It can also be the key factor that sways them into placing an offer, as they know that the electrics are not a concern and they will not need to spend a significant amount updating them.

Switch To Energy Efficient

Most buyers are looking for energy-efficient homes, including lighting. Aside from helping the planet, energy-efficient lighting can also help to reduce the cost of monthly bills compared to conventional bulbs. The conventional bulbs are inefficient, converting only a small percentage of the electricity they use into visible light. Despite energy-efficient light bulbs being a little more expensive compared to conventional bulbs, they are known to last longer.

In addition to energy-efficient bulbs, most modern houses feature LED lighting since they last significantly longer meaning they do not need to be changed frequently. Due to the minimal servicing they require, the environmental impact LED lighting has is also reduced.

Placing A Spotlight On The Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen and when it comes to selling a house, the kitchen is the top feature. Since the kitchen is the main selling point, you want to make sure it is the brightest, most inviting room on the property.

Modern white kitchen with bare brick walls, under cupboard lighting and tiled floor

Consider adding under-counter lights, track lights or spotlights to brighten up the kitchen. Investing in some of these types of lights will likely pay off, as they will be noticed by potential buyers viewing your home.

Lighting The Way

Having a well-lit home will help to create the illusion that certain rooms and spaces in your home are bigger than they are. In addition to this, any unique lighting fixtures and bulbs will certainly not go unnoticed by potential buyers, who will remember these small details when contemplating whether or not to put an offer in.

When you begin the process of preparing your house for the market, ensure that you include lighting on the list. Although it may not seem important, having good lighting in your home will transform spaces and could be key selling features.