Corian vs Granite

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It’s not every day you get to order a new kitchen or bathroom, in fact its probably once or twice in a lifetime for most people so choosing the right design and materials is a big deal.

Thanks to modern manufacturing processes and the fact we have the internet there is a bewildering choice on offer and it can often be simply too much.

That being said some choices have to be made and one of the really big ones is what materials you want. It is the one factor apart from units and furniture that gets the most use and you come into contact with the most often so it is critical it’s the right feel, colour and it can handle how you use your kitchen or bathroom.

While there are a lot of different materials on offer from glass and ceramic to laminate, wood and more besides. However there is often a big choice between Corian and granite, it is possibly down to the fact they are so similar but also so different and feature at a similar overall kitchen or bathroom price point.

The question pops up on forums a lot so here are a few of the main points to help you decide which is best for you.


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First of all, Corian is manmade, it is created from naturally occurring minerals and acrylic and is made in factories. The places that make Corian are known as Corian fabricators; there are lots of examples in the UK like . Corian is actually a brand name created by a company called Du Pont. It is very popular for reasons that will become clear later on.


Granite is very much a natural product. It is actually formed when magma cools slowly below the earth’s crust which is certainly more interesting than being made in a factory. Granite is also a popular choice but for different reasons to Corian as we will discover.

Advantages of Corian


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One of the big advantages of Corian is that it can be made to any shape and as such does not need to be installed in pieces. This means it is totally waterproof. When it comes to bathrooms and wet rooms the entire show tray or flooring can be created using minimal join.

While you probably wouldn’t have a granite shower tray it makes a big difference on surfaces. In kitchens the sink can be moulded into the surfaces to there is literally no way water can get into any gaps.

Colours and Design

Corian can be made in a huge number of colours, so it can fit your colour way and design ideas. It can also be fabricated into unique and unusual shapes to fit odd sized rooms or designs.

Production and Customer Care

Because Corian is a branded product rather than a natural one it comes with guarantees and is created by a network of Du Pont quality accredited fabricators. This means you get a lot of customer support.

Advantages of Granite


While Corian can be created in a wide range of colours and designs, for some people the natural beauty of granite wins out. It is personal preference, but it is an advantage of granite.

Heat and Scratch ResistanceCorian vs Granite - Granite Kitchen Worktop

Granite can cope with very hot items being placed on it with no issue. This is a big plus for people who do a lot of baking and cooking. Granite is also pretty tough when it comes to scratching too.

Disadvantages of Corian

Stains and Scratches

Corian can stain but there are a lot of great cleaning tips out there . It can also be scratched which can be a pain. However, you can also get it repaired and a professional will bring it back to looking brand new quite easily.

Heat Resistance

Corian isn’t as heat resistant as granite but again, can be easily repaired if damaged.

Disadvantages of Granite


As a natural stone granite is also porous and can stain. It is harder to remove a stain from it too though you can pay extra for sealants that can help.

Installation and Design

Granite cannot be formed to suit any design and has to be cut into pieces. This means there will be joins between the slabs. This may be barely visible but over time can be susceptible to water around sinks and the like.

So, What Do You Choose?

Well as with most things you have to choose what is right for your lifestyle. If you are thinking about kitchens, then Corian offers a lot of advantages from design to the ease of repair.

Granite can stain and remain so, it is also harder to use in odd sized rooms. However, granite looks great and a lot of people love it.

For bathrooms the ability for Corian to be created with no gaps is a huge advantage and it is a place where stains are not an issue. The fact that Corian comes with the added customer care could be the tipping point for most people.

Whatever you choose, be sure to read the care instructions and avoid risking damage. All materials have weaknesses and it is important not to ignore them as it can be an expensive mistake.