A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing A Kitchen Worktop

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing A Kitchen Worktop

There are multiple things that should be considered when selecting a kitchen worktop.

Colour, material, budget, heat resistance and installation requirements are the most considered factors when people buy a kitchen worktop from a worktop installation company.

In this guide, you will know the various type of materials used to make a worktop so that you decide on the one that best fits you.

A kitchen with a sufficient and nice worktop is convenient to use and very presentable. This is why people must be careful when buying a kitchen countertop.

Granite Kitchen Worktop

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing A Kitchen Worktop

Granite is a naturally occurring stone and it is widely used in making worktops. It’s stylish and adds a quality feel to your kitchen. Depending on the theme of your kitchen, you can choose a suitable colour for you.

It fits well in the modern and traditional kitchen for aesthetic and functional enhancement. They are durable and can remain in good form even with extreme heat from pans and hot fluids. The only problem is that they cannot be repaired when broken so you will have to buy new ones.

Stainless Steel Worktop

Durable, heat resistant and easy to maintain. These are the traits of a worktop made from stainless steel. They are used in restaurants because they are strong and non-porous.

They don’t harbour germs on their surfaces and are highly water resistant. This does not mean they are perfect though because they are prone to scratches and also rust if exposed to salt water.

Laminate Worktops

These are worktops made from high-density chipboard that also undergoes superior finishing with a laminate plastic. The good thing about these worktops is that they can be customised into whichever size or shape one would like them to be.

The installation process is also easy and you can install even without a professional. The disadvantage is that they are not strong and hot pans can leave scorch marks on their surface.

Wood Worktop

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing A Kitchen Worktop


Wood has been the primary material used in the making of worktops for a long time. Hardwood like maple, oak, and beech are the most preferred and they can be used either in a traditional or modern kitchen.

The good thing about wood is that it is solid, you can repair any minor damage and you can also improve its structure by adding or subtracting pieces. The major drawback is that they can’t withstand heat and require maintenance for the worktops to remain in good form. Scratches are also common on wooden worktops.

Glass Worktop

Another material is the glass which despite being stylish, elegant and strong, it can crack any time if subjected to persistent heat. Glass worktops are perfect in homes where very few people have access to the kitchen and even the few who use the worktop are supposed to be extra careful. Corian and ceramic can also be used in the making of the worktops.


As you are planning to buy a kitchen worktop, be considerate and careful enough not to buy something of low quality. Many people are enticed by excellent looks and appearances making them not to check other quality aspects of the worktop. After you confirm that quality is excellent, you can then check on design, size and maintenance requirements.