Top Tips For Painting Your Radiator

Top Tips For Painting Your Radiator - Purple Radiator

If you’ve ever done any kind of DIY home décor, you know how much time, effort and resources it takes to make the idea in your head come to life.

So, when you’re planning a DIY project like painting your radiators you want to make sure you get it right for your home first time.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind next time you’re planning on painting your radiators.

Blend In Or Stand Out

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Before you decide on which colour to paint your radiator, the first thing you want to think about is whether you want your radiator to blend into the wall or stand out as a statement feature.

If you’re not particularly fond of your radiator you might want to disguise it and paint it an exact match to the wall colour to blend into the backdrop.

But, if you want to show your radiator some love, maybe you like the traditional column design and want to highlight these features, then be bold and go for a darker or lighter shade than your walls.

Follow Your Trend

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One of the biggest things that many people regret after completing a home renovation or DIY project is following what’s on-trend at that moment.

New trends appear all the time out of nowhere and old trends, and we use the term old lightly, disappear as quickly as they showed up. The point is, stick to a colour that your drawn to and describes your style.

If you love calm neutral tones, choose something similar for your radiator by painting it light grey, soft almond or clean white. But, if you’ve always liked to inject bursts of colour into your home don’t feel like you have to stick to a classic white radiator! Why not paint it a bright pink or bold orange?

Complement Accent Features

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Do you have one colour that runs throughout your home? Maybe you have navy tiling, cushions and prints that you want to pull together by adding another navy feature to your décor. If you’re a fan of black bathroom taps and accessories, why not paint your radiator to match?

Choosing a colour for your radiator that already flows throughout each room will complete the look and ensure that you won’t go off it any time soon.

Think About The Finish

Look around your home. Do you have any metallic or matt features? Maybe you’re painting a kitchen radiator, if you have copper or gold taps and accessories you might want to continue the theme by choosing a paint colour with a slight metallic finish.

If you prefer the more industrial style interior with concrete and wooden textures, choose a radiator paint with a matt finish to compliment the muted tones.

Grab Your Brush

Painting your radiators can totally transform the look of your space and help you add more of your personal style to a typically functional feature. We hope these ideas have helped you decide which colour to paint your radiators. Just remember, pick something that you love and you won’t have to repaint them for a very long time!