How To Design Your Child A Gender-Neutral Bedroom

How To Design Your Child A Gender-Neutral Bedroom

Parents no longer need to feel pressured to stick to using a stereotypical pink or blue bedroom colour scheme; gender neutral bedroom designs are growing in popularity and it’s for good reason!

Raising your little ones in a gender-neutral bedroom not only makes their bedroom a versatile space that will grow with them (and requires updating less often) but can also have positive effects on their wellbeing.

Colours perceived as gender neutral, such as green or yellow, are known to stimulate imagination, boost creativity and yellow in particular, has been said to increase memory function.

So, before you decorate using only pinks or blues, consider the below tips to help create a versatile, cost effective bedroom space that’ll help your child to express themselves along the way:

Start with neutral base

If you’re unsure where to start, look to the walls! The easiest place to begin when designing your child’s bedroom is to paint the walls a neutral colour, perhaps a mocha, taupe or cream.

The benefits of a neutral colour base are huge; they’re calming, versatile, easy to accessorise and they grow with your child, making it a cost-effective colour base.

Have fun with feature walls and patterns

How To Design Your Child A Gender-Neutral Bedroom

Here’s where the fun begins, as you heard above, colours such as yellow and green are known to benefit your child’s wellbeing. So, how do you incorporate them?

One way is to play with feature walls, either using a block colour or by getting a little more creative and painting a scene, such as mountains or a sunset!

If you’re concerned about the longevity of feature walls, look out for wall stickers – these are cost effective and as easy to remove as they are to put up!

Add colour accents to create interest

How To Design Your Child A Gender-Neutral Bedroom

If you’re happy with sticking with neutral walls, you’ll want to consider adding pops of colour through accessories to brighten up the room and create a stimulating environment.

Yellow is the most common gender-neutral colour at the minute, but don’t let this limit you. Pick two or three of yours / your child’s favourite colours and subtly work them into the colour scheme through your choice of soft furnishings and decorations, such as bedding, lamps and shelving.

For added character, bunting can work nicely and can also be strung high up, keeping it out of the way from little hands.

Choose sleek but practical furniture and storage solutions

How To Design Your Child A Gender-Neutral Bedroom

When selecting furnishings, look for clean but sleek designs to ensure they complement the room’s design and won’t date quickly.

Knowing that children accumulate lots of toys (especially over Christmas and birthdays), clothes and other items such as sports kits from various clubs, it’s wise at this stage to consider protecting their room from clutter by considering multi-functional furnishings that provide additional storage space.

There are plenty of cabin beds for sale from Room to Grow that do just that; some come with pull out desks and wardrobes, others come with storage cubes and shelves, but all will ensure you channel a clean but traditional aesthetic.

Pick a theme

How To Design Your Child A Gender-Neutral Bedroom

There can sometimes be the worry that a gender-neutral bedroom will be bland and uninteresting. If you’re concerned about this, choose a theme, and ensure it flows throughout the room.

For example, choose a fun tepee styled bed to complement a wild west theme, or a play house bed to work with an ‘in the woods’ theme.

Although creating a themed bedroom will take a little more thought and creative energy, the results will be worthwhile and will provide hours upon hours of fun as your child’s bedroom will double as a playroom!