Create Your Home Office The Feng Shui Way

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of creating harmony and balance in your physical surroundings.

The principles of feng shui can be applied to every aspect of your home to create a positive flow of energy (chi). You can easily apply feng shui tips to your home office to increase creativity and financial success.

Choose Your Work Space

According to feng shui principles, you should create your home office in an area as far from your bedroom as possible in order to maximise productivity. Keeping the office away from the bedroom also helps to produce restful sleep.

If possible, the office should be located facing the front door to facilitate the inflow of positive energy. However, it is not necessary for the office to be on the same floor as the front door.

Wall Colours

Create Your Home Office The Feng Shui Way - Image From

Using earth tones in light to medium shades will keep you grounded allowing you to focus on your work. Avoid dark tones since these colours can facilitate negative energy.

It is best to avoid white walls also since white can produce a sterile energy that creates tension and stress. However, white as an accent colour can aid in focus and concentration.

Desk Placement

Place your office desk against a wall in an area farthest away from the door. According to feng shui, this is considered a placement of command and control. A good view of the door also provides a sense of security.

It is conducive to work with your back against the wall provides a sense of strength and assurance. Placing the desk in this area also gives the room a more expanded appearance, which is important in a small space.

Lighting and Air

Create Your Home Office The Feng Shui Way - Image From

Natural lighting works best since it enhances your energy. A window with a calming view is an excellent way to facilitate positive energy. However, a window next to an area with much hustle and bustle can create distractions.

Use soft lighting which produces a sense of calm. Avoid extremely bright lights which can create an atmosphere of stress and tension. Stale air can be a problem especially in a small, closed in space.

Poor air quality can produce negative energy and a stagnant business. Open a window to circulate fresh air and positive chi. Adding a few plants can give your office a professional yet soothing appeal as well as freshen the air.

The rubber plant, Areca Palm, Dracaena and English Ivy are good plants for air purification. The bamboo plant is also an excellent choice for clean air and luck.

The Five Elements

In feng shui, there are five elements — water, fire, earth, wood and metal — each of which should be incorporated into your design to create balance. Water can be represented by a small fountain.

A candle may be used as a symbol of fire. Stones or crystals can represent the earth element. A wooden shelf can be used to represent the wood element. A metal picture frame or other item would fill the requirement of the metal element.

Each of these items need to be placed in the proper direction of the office for balance. Place the wood element in the eastern corner for inspiration. The fire element should go in the southern corner for productivity.

Place the earth element in the centre of the room to ground and balance the energy. Put the metal in the western corner to facilitate financial success. Lastly, place the water element in the northern direction to draw opportunities.

Keep it Organised

Create Your Home Office The Feng Shui Way - Image From

Now that your office is set up for success, it is important to keep it clean and organised. Being disorganised disrupts balance and the flow of positive chi.

Clutter creates an obstacle that blocks creativity, harmony and wealth. When everything is organised and in its proper place, positive energy flows unimpeded.

The Harmonised Work Environment

Now that you have all the feng shui principles in place, you can get to work in your balanced, peaceful work space.

If you love your home office, consider applying feng shui to the rest of your house for a relaxing atmosphere filled with positive energy.

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