How To Get More Luxury For Your Money

How to Get More Luxury for Your Money - AGA Cooker

There are so many luxury items I’d love for my home I wouldn’t know where to start.

Although I could start with a few of my top favourites, which would be an indoor gym and spa – not forgetting the swimming pool, a private cinema and a cranberry coloured cast iron AGA range cooker. Very specific I know, but I have had my eye on one of these for a long time now!

Don’t get me started on the luxury holidays I dream of, especially when Wales is cold and wet. Plus, we find we don’t seem to make time for really special romantic nights out as much as we did when we first met.

My partner and I like most people keep putting off buying what we call luxury items/experiences, and carry on with our day to day spending habits, as we’re comfortable in our routine of buying coffee and cakes when we’re out, buying a take away instead of cooking as a treat on a Friday, and signing up to Netflix and Amazon to binge watch TV series.

We enjoy our lives, but after looking through the infographic below by Oliver’s Travels we could definitely make changes, and I believe we could even save up for the AGA cooker I’ve been dreaming of.

Though most importantly having special occasions with each other, and our friends and family needs to be more of a priority for us, from fun and luxury days out to holidays abroad. I’m sure cutting back using some of the tips below will have us off doing more in no time.

Source: Oliver’s Travels