Should Tradesmen In Wales Get Character Checked Like They Do In Australia?

Tradesman next to white van

Character checks (also known as background checks) are a big deal in Australia. HR professionals from formal workplace environments have recognised its value and integrated into their standard hiring process.

Similarly, tradesmen – including electricians, plumbers, and more – have identified the value of character checks, primarily to help them establish trust with their clients.

Just like in Australia, should tradesmen in Wales get character checked? This post explores some of the reasons why doing so is a great idea.

Establishing Trust with Clients

Tradespeople are generally self-employed, working directly with clients. For instance, plumbers and electricians generally carry out repairs and maintenance in people’s homes. Before clients can allow a tradesperson into their house or business, trust has to be established. For that, many clients are advised to carry out background checks. Here are some of the background checks that may be relevant to a tradesman:

Criminal History Check

Criminal history checks help clients evaluate your criminal past so they can be assured of your suitability to ensure a safe environment. For instance, if a tradesman is a registered sex offender, they may sexually harass the client or take advantage of minors that are around.

Similarly, if the person is prone to violence (evidenced by multiple violence charges), they may not make the ideal candidate.

But by getting character checked, tradesmen can stay ahead of the game. This way, they can be better equipped to answer questions related to their disreputable past. The example that they use in Australia for criminal history checks is the following link: national police checks online – police clearance certificates …

Qualification Checks

For craft related to building, for instance, homeowners or landlords must be able to prove that all installations meet building regulation standards unless they will be committing a criminal offense. To prevent that from happening, it is prudent that they carry out a qualification check before working with a tradesperson. This may include a license or certificate check.

That’s why tradesmen are required to obtain all the necessary licenses and certificates required for them to legally operate.

Drug/Alcohol test

For jobs in high-risk environments, like construction in skyscrapers or driving, the workers must always be clear-minded. A drug and alcohol test may be used to determine the suitability of the person.

Reference Checks

There’s no better way to establish the expertise of a tradesperson than talking to former clients. That’s why people prefer to get tradesmen through referrals from someone they know and trust. If that’s not possible, they will prefer to speak to former clients. Doing this also helps to ensure that their skills and interest align.

Joining a Trades Association

Tradesmen in Wales sometimes have an association that helps connect them to a wider pool of potential clients. Joining these associations usually involves applications, interviews, tests, reference checks, drug tests, and related character checks. Therefore, tradesmen in Wales have to get character checked to benefit from such associations.


Background checks are very important. Just as they are prevalent in Australia, they should be commonplace in other places around the world, including Wales.