How To Prepare For An Open House Like A Pro

Cream sofa. Vase with tulips

You’ve put your house on the market! What is the next step then? The one recommendation every estate agent will make is to host an open house. It is time to bring in the first impressions on your property and gauge the market interest.

Small changes can make a big difference

Now, preparing for an open house obviously means presenting it in a way that marks it as a saleable item which will achieve a good price. There will be repairs and upgrades involved, however, you would not want to invest too much, in case you do not get the desired return on your investment.

Similarly, the buyers too are looking for a house which provides them the best value for their budget. Most would not want to consider something that could be a renovation sink hole.

Open house preparations are, therefore, not an overnight job. You need to be well-prepared weeks in advance to present a house as close to perfect.

Here are some pointers on how to prepare for an open house like a pro:


Start taking a fresh look at your furniture. Buyers prefer to see open spaces that lets them visualise their own settings. Hence, sort your stuff, pack half and send off to storage units, and purge the absolutely extraneous ones.

Stay neutral

Neutral bedroom with house plant

An open house should be completely de-personalised. Like a blank canvas, the house should be neutral of family items, heirlooms, and valuables. Also remove any art or ornaments that are political or religious or in any way suggestive of a group.

Paint it new

A fresh coat of paint to the exterior of the house including the front door ensures the house looks tempting from the street. Even the insides of cabinets, wardrobes, and shelfs would look great with a new coat.

Advertise ahead

Don’t wait for promoting your open house until the last minute. Consider listings, e-brochures, etc. and be smart about scheduling the time.

Deep clean the house

Scrub your kitchen, bathrooms, windows, floorboards—in short make every surface shine. This includes cleaning out the rain gutters and the screens outside. Organise drawers and closets, get all small repairs done. It should look like a clean functioning house.

Light and air

If there are faulty fittings, change them. Better still check all light fixtures and add extra if necessary. A well-lighted and aired house will automatically find many takers. On the D-day, weather permitting open all windows so that natural light and air can come in.

Glam up

You’ve made it spacious, well-lit, in good condition, now what? Well, add some beauty to it. Invest in new bedspreads and drapes and strategically place some potted plants and flowers to elevate the style. Indoor plant hire specialists can easily take care of it, request a plant hire quote from Gaddys and you are set.

Hallway with house plants

Preparing for an open house doesn’t need to cost a fortune, mindful little tasks all around can make this a success for you. Take advice from professionals whenever needed and manage the showings with as little stress as possible.