10 Amazing Types of Mirrors That Serve Unique Functions At Home

White living room with large white mirror over fireplace

Mirrors are a simple solution to upgrade the interior of any room.

The right mirrors make a room appear larger, reflect more light, and adds the much-needed oomph. However, there are different types of mirrors to serve the purpose. 

How do you choose a mirror for a room? Find more about different mirrors and where they look best. 

1. Frameless Mirrors for bathroom

Do you think your bathrooms lack something? Does it look dull and boring? A frameless square mirror can uplift the ambiance. 

The classic frameless mirror adds a decoration element like no other décor item. You can find different shapes of frameless mirrors. These include round, diamond, octagon, rectangle, arch shape, square and wavy mirror. 

Get your favorite shape and elevate your bathroom space. 

2. Framed Mirrors for Hallway & living room

The hallway and living room require extra attention in terms of decoration. Framed mirrors transform the place and offer a modern vibe. 

You can always choose a frame that complements your home. An oversized mirror looks perfect in the hallway. It serves as a final-check as you can see yourself from head to toe before leaving the house. Well who’s not insta addict here, the hallway mirror makes the best spot for clicking insta worthy pictures. 

If we talk about the living room, a framed mirror adds depth and illusion of a bigger space. It reflects the furniture and other décor pieces 

3. Antique Mirrors for kitchen backsplash

Have you ever thought of adding mirrors in the kitchen? It’s time to try this experiment. You’ll fall in love with the cozy kitchen even more. 

Create a beautiful kitchen backsplash with antique mirrors. They can eliminate the waste of space. As a result, the kitchen looks brighter and more welcoming. 

4. Decorative Mirrors for living room

Do you want to create a fun and cheerful vibe in the living room? Play with decorative mirrors and see the marvelous change. 

You can either go for round wall mirror art. The second option is to hang a few mirrors according to size or color gradation. It creates a harmonious effect while leaving a cool effect. 

5. Makeup/Vanity Mirrors for bathroom & vanity room

Do you know the secret to a flawless makeup look? Makeup skills top the list but vanity mirrors take second place. 

If you want a customized vanity mirror for your bathroom or vanity room, Fab Glass and Mirror is the place for you. 

6. Full-Length Mirrors for the dressing room

Do you want a functional dressing space in your room? Nevertheless, you are afraid of the bulk wooden furniture that would look too extra. Go for a full-length mirror and reap all the benefits of functionality. 

The floor mirror acts as your best friend for morning sessions when you prepare for office. 

Visit Fab Glass and Mirror to get your hands on the amazing range of shapes for the full-length mirrors. 

7. LED Mirrors for bathroom & vanity room

Get Hollywood inspired LED Mirrors for bathroom & vanity room. The pop of light on the mirror allows you to apply perfect makeup and style your hair to the best. 

Whether it’s a date night or social gathering, an LED mirror helps to get the right look. This rectangle LED lighted mirror suits bathrooms as well as vanity rooms. It features a sleek look with a soothing light intensity to suit your needs all day long. 

8. Activity/Gym Mirrors for Home Gym

The home gym looks incomplete without a full-length mirror. Depending on the size of your room, choose a mirror for the activity room. 

Whether you are rehearsing for a dance competition or performing regular exercises, the mirror offers a full-body image. You can judge your posture and fix it when you notice a slight issue. Fab Glass and Mirrors offers a tempered glass gym mirror that looks amazing.  

9. Mirror Plates above the Round Table Top

Is your round table asking for a twist? Add a mirror plate on the round tabletop for décor purposes. You can put dried petals, leaves, or pebbles in it. 

 It can also hold scented candles or other stuff you like on the table. A set of mirror plates look fascinating, and you’ll appreciate this idea once you try it.

10. MirrorView™ for multi-functions in several areas

What happens when technology takes over everything? Life becomes more interesting and fascinating.

Won’t you love the MirrorView™ in your office, home, or the gym? It’s a multipurpose mirror that works as a regular mirror when off. However, in the working mode, it features a video screen. So, it is the perfect smart interior idea to hold conferences, host meetings, and connect with people all over the world. 

The Bottom Line! 

That’s all! We have discussed 10 amazing types of mirrors that you can use all-around your house. Fill your living space with bright, natural light and add mirrors wherever you feel like. Remember, not to overdo it. Everything looks good in moderation, and the rule applies for mirrors too.