Is Your Garden Dog Friendly?

Is Your Garden Dog Friendly - Chihuahua Puppy

Your garden is a place to have fun and relax in, for not only you but your pets too.

Dogs love letting off steam running around the garden, jumping in ponds and chewing on anything and everything they can get their teeth into – especially when puppies.

Unfortunately there are a number of plants that can be very dangerous for your dogs health when eaten/chewed, for example did you know that the Welsh national flower – the daffodil (Cenhinen Pedr) was toxic to both dogs and cats.

To be precise it’s actually the daffodil (Cenhinen Pedr) bulb, but with dogs enjoying digging up the garden it’s definitely one to be cautious of.

I love daffodils, they fill the garden full of the joys of spring, but to be on the safe side I plant them in containers in my front garden, this way they will not be in an area where my dog has access.

Then once the daffodil plant has died I will dry them and pack them away, so that the bulbs are safety stored till the following year.

The infographic below by Rattan Direct offers many great tips on how to create a dog friendly garden, including plants and garden design.