Pet Proofing Your Floors

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Welcoming a pet into your lives is a huge commitment, but one that turns into the best decision of your life.

It’s incredibly important that you ensure that your home is fully prepared for your new arrival. The floor is where they spend the majority of their time, so it’s imperative you make sure that it’s ready.

In this blog, we’re going to give you our top tips on making your home pet friendly.

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There are a few issues you need to consider when owning a pet, we’re going to cover three of them. We’ll start with combating pet hair. Pet owners will tell you, pet hair literally sticks to everything from your clothes, to your beds, and sometimes you may find a random one on your plates before you serve up your food!

There are a number of ways to combat pet hair, the main one is obviously the vacuum. Another good option is a wet mop, this will ensure that all the hairs are picked up nice and easily. Regularly brushing your pets will also avoid any excessive shedding.

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Scratches are one of the unfortunate side effects of engineered and solid wood. We’d recommend if you’re looking for wood flooring, solid wood with a brushed and oiled finish would be ideal due to it already having a worn look to it. Solid wood can also be sanded down as much as you like, literally until it’s too thin, so it can be refinished!

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Laminate is the best option on the market. It has strong durability and doesn’t scratch as easily as hardwood. It’s also very cost effective, and the cheapest flooring on the market.

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One of the final hazards is urine. Sometimes whilst your pet’s stressed when acclimatising to their new home accidents can occur! Wood floors can stain very easily and can leave a watermark that unless sanded can’t be removed.

If an accident occurs on carpeted flooring, a natural way to remove the stain and smell would be to use a towel/dry cloth and equal parts white vinegar and water, then absorb the remaining fluid with baking soda, and it should remove any marks. If any should remain anyway, you can always call professional cleaning company to take care of them for you.

Pets are a wonderful new addition to any home, and truly do become your best friend! We hope our guide helps you to protect your floor from pets!

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