How To Make Your Home Look More Modern

Modern White Kitchen

No matter how well we look after our homes, constant wear and tear takes its toll.

This, combined with the general change in contemporary styles and tastes over time, makes the property look worn out and outdated. One of the primary areas that often shows this type of aging is that of the floor covering.

Scrapes, dirt, and fading happen over long periods of time and therefore the impact it has on the general image of the house often goes unnoticed. Luckily modern flooring solutions provide a simple and affordable option and easily refresh the look of your home, while new technology provides long-lasting solutions against wear and tear.

There are 4 modern flooring solutions for all types of homes and lifestyles:

1. Laminate keeps it real

Laminated flooring is the perfect example of modern flooring. It combines the aesthetic appeal of real wood with the sturdiness and affordabilit by using modern production techniques. Laminate planks are made up of thin slivers of real wood and strong synthetic material that gives the required support.

Wood floors are really popular. Laminate flooring allows you to use this trend within your home for a fraction of the price. What’s more, it’s scratch and impact resistant, easy to wash, and requires much less maintenance than hardwood floors. Cool browns and greys are popular at present, bringing a contemporary feel to the space and timeless beauty to the flooring.

2. Carpeting is making a comeback

With improved manufacturing techniques, carpeting is once more the fashionable flooring solution we all need. Nobody likes sitting on hard floors or stepping onto cold tiles first thing in the morning, so an opulent carpet for the bedroom or the family den remains a top choice. Lately, more people are also choosing carpets for entrance halls, because it sets the tone for the remainder of the house.

There’s an endless choice of styles and colours available to order, this means your choice of carpet can really stand out in a truly stunning way.

Current trends favour thicker, softer carpets that give the space a lush feel.

3. Luxury vinyl tiles are better than ever

The quality of luxury vinyl tiles has vastly improved, and this once shunned type of floor covering is now a contemporary flooring hero. It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, really affordable and with click vinyl flooring it’s a lot easy to fit.

More importantly, the printing techniques of today allows you to feature almost any imagery on the vinyl tiles, regardless of the detail or array of colours required. This enables luxury vinyl tiles to mimic the looks of real wood, to be used for bright patterns, or to make a focus within a room by using intricate designs.

4. Seamless stone offers endless benefits

You don’t get more modern than seamless stone flooring. This stain and scratch resistant floor covering can easily be placed over existing flooring, making it an excellent solution for renovations.

Its seamless nature means there are no borders or joints, creating an endless floor covering that stretches from room to room and even outdoors. This effect helps improve the flow of the room and gives it a spacious feel.

5. Use Simplistic Skirting Boards

A modern home calls for modern touches and skirting can really make a difference in a room. A lot of the time, traditional skirting boards are the norm within a home.

However, using a simplistic design featuring very little detail (think pencil round or a small groove) is the perfect way to modernise the look of your interior.