Essential Decor Tips For Conservatories

Conservatory with plants

Have you just moved into a new home with a conservatory? Or had a conservatory built at your home?

Well if so, congratulations! You are now the owner of your very own conservatory, a little slice of heaven connecting your home to your garden that is perfect for relaxing and part of the idyllic British home.

So, now that you finally have your very own conservatory, you face an important decision: how shall you decorate your brand new conservatory? Of course you want the room to be functional, but you also want your personality to shine through the room’s décor and wow houseguests with your stylish conservatory, so how do you balance looks and functionality when it comes to your conservatory?

Brighten Up Your Conservatory With Blinds

Now, it may seem strange to try ‘brighten’ your conservatory by blocking out sunlight, but you will need conservatory blinds anyway. Throughout the day, there will be times when the light coming into the conservatory makes it either far too hot, or hard to see without getting light in your eyes. So blinds are essential, close them to let less light and heat in, then open them when you want to get lot’s of light.

Orange pleated blinds

Pleated conservatory blinds are the perfect blinds for conservatories as they’re super easy to install and don’t require any tools to put up. But where blinds really let you show your personality is the colour or pattern of the blinds. If you’re an outgoing person who loves loud and bright colours maybe string yellow blinds will do for you, or if you want a more sophisticated and sleek look, you can always opt for classic white or grey conservatory blinds.

Get Some Furniture In

A conservatory with no furniture is a room with wasted potential, your conservatory can act as a second living room/reading space/relaxation zone and for your conservatory to effectively be a nice area to relax, you’ll need somewhere to sit and kick your feet up. For seating you have many options, but it’s best to keep yourself to pieces that will be easy to get in and move about like garden seating, wicker sofas or bean bags. Obviously each option has a different ‘vibe’, so pick what works for you.

Dining table and chairs in conservatory

Then, after you have seating, you’ll probably want somewhere for you to put your feet up and put your morning cup of tea, a coffee table will do the trick for this. Again the options are pretty open, a glass table will look amazing in a conservatory, a rustic coffee table will be excellent for giving your conservatory a barn-y feel, or a standard flat pack from IKEA will do the trick if you’re not that concerned.

As an added tip, try make sure that your furniture and blinds have a similar colour pallet, having nice baby blue blinds with neon green furniture will look a bit out of place, so try match up the colour pallets.

Bring Life Into The Room With Plants

Plants and flowers are an excellent tool for interior design in every room of the house, but especially in conservatories, as a room that connects your home with your garden, flowers and plants just make sense to bridge the gap between nature and your home. The plants you pick will be a big choice as you have to consider your gardening abilities, colour pallet and how much shade your conservatory has.

When picking your plants, you’ll want to make sure you pick plants that grow well in conservatories, as conservatories typically get lots of sun and are quite warm they’re excellent for tropical plants that are used to heat and humidity. This gives you a good range to pick from, with plants that can be looked after by beginners like cacti and succulents to more ‘expert’ plants that require more attention such as Mandevillas or Strelitzia flowers.