What Kind Of Rug Is Best For Your Bedroom?

Modern take on vintage bedroom with wooden flooring and large rug placed at under the end of the bed

With such a variety of great rugs available, it can be hard to know what will be right for your room.

Patterned or plain? Large or small? Textured or soft underfoot? In the bedroom, you also have to think about how the rug will lay in in relation to the bed and other furniture. Don’t let all this put you off though! The right rug will really bring your bedroom to life, and can even help make it feel more spacious.


The bed is the focal point of the room, so it makes sense that this would be the starting point for thinking about the size of the rug. Area rugs typically work better in the bedroom, as they will stretch out under the whole of the bed, and then extend out to give your feet a soft landing in the morning. However, smaller rugs can also be placed at either side or at the foot of the bed as a point of interest. A smaller rug will also work well if you have a Double Twin set up, as it can sit nicely between the two beds.

The furniture you have around the edge of the room will also help to dictate the size of the rug. Typically, the rug should stop before it reaches the furniture – both because this is more aesthetically pleasing, and because this can avoid practical issues like wobbly wardrobes. You may wish to have the bedside tables sit on the rug; otherwise, the rug can extend one third or two thirds of the way up the length of the bed as you prefer.


Comfort is key in the bedroom! Plush rugs and shag rugs offer something warm for your foot to sink into, which makes them a popular choice. They also add an element of luxury, calling to mind relaxing spas and upmarket hotels.

If you prefer something a little more down-to-earth, soft chenille rugs can also work perfectly. With a soft, deep pile these still add plenty of cushion under your foot and come in a wider variety of different styles – making it easier to match to your personal taste.

Colour and style

This is where you can let your imagination do the work. Unlike other parts of the house, the bedroom is the place where only your taste – and your partner if you share the room with someone – matters. If you’ve got a style in mind, go for it. As long as the rug makes you smile when you see it, you’ve picked well. You can also use your rug to create some contrast in the room, by complementing but not matching your other décor. Choose an accent colour that will help to brighten things up, or opt for a pattern or statement motif if things are otherwise quite plain.

The size of your rug will also help dictate how big it should be. If you’ve opted for a larger rug that fills the room, consider going for a subtler design to avoid overwhelming the space. On the other hand, a small rug that sits at the side of the bed can get away with being bright and bold.

Choosing your home furnishings should be a fun process that lets you bring your personal style into the spotlight, and this is never truer than in the bedroom. So use the tips above as a guide to help you find a rug you can fall in love with!

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