Creating My Perfect Summer Bathroom

Creating My Perfect Summer Bathroom

Lying back in a roll top bath reading a book whilst drinking wine and watching the sun go down is my idea of bliss.

If I was given the chance to make my dream bathroom come true what would I therefore choose?!

The room would firstly need a large window or glass wall to let light flood in and to enjoy a view to die for whilst the long summer days’ fad into night. Then I wouldCreating My Perfect Summer Bathroom fill the room with items with lots of character.

The bath I chose has just that, it looks like a bath from a period in time when bathtubs were filled with hot water from the kettle and kept warm next to an open fire.

By choosing a floor standing shower mixer and taps it adds even more character, but also the bath itself can be placed anywhere in the room, allowing for that perfect position to soak up the surrounding scenery.

I wouldn’t paint the walls green as a couple of the images within my Pinterest choices have done so, as although a dark rich colour is in keeping with the era of the bath, sink and toilet I would go with white paint for the walls and light blue and white floor tiles.

This will keep the other items within the bathroom as the focal points, keep the room bright, and as I also like being able to change my mind and change the colour whenever the mood suits me, it would make it so much easier than if the walls were tiled.

With my choices for the Designer Radiator Showroom Summer bathroom competition leaning strongly towards the Victorian era I decided that a column radiator would suit best.

The Aestus Knightsbridge isn’t just a radiator, it’s also a towel warmer. Combining the two not only makes the radiator practical it also adds an added charm and special something to the look – perfect for my character filled dream bathroom!

The accessories and little extras you add to a bathroom can embrace and show off your style and personality. I prefer to have little on show in regards to pictures and ornaments, but I fully embrace the growing trend that the more plants in the bathroom the better.

To finish off the room with an oversized round mirror and a bath rack to hold your wine, book or iPad means you can pamper yourself making the bathroom both practical and spar like.

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