The Top Five Mistakes You’ll Make Designing A Home

Man and women standing within the wooden shell of a new build home

Home design can seem like a great idea. Honestly, it is. Being able to put together your home for yourself gives you complete creative control, right?

Well, yeah. You do get to pick and choose what goes into your home. After all, you’re designing it. However, there are common mistakes to make with this kind of thing.

It’s not just as easy as designing a home and building it. If you fall into these pitfalls and make a mistake? You’ll ruin a room or even the whole house. That’s not what you want, so read on and find out some of the common traps to stay away from.

1. Bad Lighting Choices

First up is bad lighting choices. Look, here’s the thing. Lighting can mean a whole lot when making your dream space. In fact, lighting often means the difference between success and failure. No pressure or anything.

Lighting needs to be carefully considered in a new home design. You’ve got to balance natural lighting, which is through the windows, and artificial lighting, which is all about the light fixtures in the house.

Striking a balance between the two isn’t easy. However, you’re going to have to learn how to do it if you want to make some forward progress.

2. Bad Space Choices

You could probably have guessed at this, but space is a big deal for home design. You want your home to look good? Then you best be making sure you get the space right.

It’s hard to design a home with space that works, we all know it. Your best bet is often to take a look at how you’re going to move through the space on a daily basis. Ultimately, this calls for a bit of clever visualisation. How are you going to create the ideal space with all of the rooms you’ve got in your design?

Try and look at it on a day-to-day basis too. If you’re going to move through the house frequently, then you’ll need to be able to design based around that.

3. Bad Ventilation Choices

Good ventilation is pretty much everything when designing a house. You don’t want to open yourself up to a whole series of health issues, so you need to get ventilation sorted.

Open sunny window. With Jade plant

If there aren’t enough ventilation systems in place, and the house isn’t properly ventilated, then you run the risk of things like mould and moisture. These aren’t desirable characteristics for any property.

As irritating as ventilation can be to sit down and work out, you do have to do so.

4. Bad Room Creation

The number of rooms that you create for a home will make all the difference to how successful it is. The trick is to not create more rooms than you need.

The thing about most kinds of rooms that you should probably keep in mind is that when it comes to getting the best results, you do have to consider how each space works.

For example, you don’t want to have a room which is surplus to requirements. It’s all well and good having a spare room. But what happens if you don’t actually do anything with the spare room? You could convert it to an office, but what happens if you don’t? Then you just wind up with a spare room that no one is using.

5. Bad Bedroom Placement

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes that you’ll make with home design is where you put the bedroom. Your bedroom is going to be an important part of the home, but most people don’t think about that when they decide to put it somewhere.

Peaceful bedroom with white bedding and brown sheet. Plus fairy lights

When it comes to bedroom placement, you have to think about the surrounding area. If you live right outside of main road, then put in your bedroom at the front of the house next to the main road is not ideal. You need to put your house as far away from traffic and other people as possible to ensure that you can sleep right through the night with minimal interruptions.

Final Thoughts

Home design can be tricky. There are a lot of things to consider, and if you don’t get them right, the quality of your build could be impacted. It’s pretty important to think about what kind of bedroom and house we want to create. Now obviously, there are a lot of different choices to think about, so it’s definitely worth considering. Remember, your home needs to follow rules and be unique to you, so you need to strike that balance.